Buy Levitra Over the Counter and Solve your Problems with Erection

Vardenafil molecula In the world of medicine exist many preparations aimed to help people overcome this or that problem. One of the most essential directions is the struggle with male impotency. And there are lots of representatives of this direction. Such powerful tools as Viagra or Cialis are no secret for anyone. But each year there appears novel preparation capable to compete with those giants. Levitra stands among such.

It is one of the lasts creations of medicine and science targeted to overcome troubles with erectile dysfunction. Its major constituent is Vardenafil, a specific inhibitor which enhances the blood streaming to the pelvic organs. Consequently, it helps to receive and maintain erection. And as many others, it only improves erection, but does not cause it itself. To gain erection, there should be natural arousal.

Vardenafil starts to act within 15 minutes, but also it may start within an hour. This depends on peculiarities of the examinees and on what food they eat, for fatty foods may delay the process of absorption of this inhibitor. Mainly it lasts for 4-5 hours, but recently the duration of the action has been increased up to 10 hours, which shows that it is even more effectual than Viagra.


The tablet should be taken inside, regardless of the meal, but remember that fatty meal may delay the action. The advised dosage to begin with is 10 mg. Take it 15-25 minutes before the intercourse. In case of good tolerance, the dosage can be increased up to 20 mg, to achieve better effectuality. If it is effective enough, but you experience some unwanted effects, it may be decreased to 5 mg. The maximal advised dosage is 20 mg and it must not be taken more than once per day.


There are some contradictions, which must know prior you start to use this preparation. Do not use it, if:

Adverse Effects

This product may induce some adverse effects, though in general it is well tolerated. There may be such unwanted effects:

Nevertheless, these events happen rarely and are not very serious. Just follow the prescription and you will not have them.