Silagra: a Simple, Safe, and Effective Way of Dealing with ED

silagraSex is an important part of human life. No one should deny it, even those who have some health problems. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition in men even though many of them would not like to talk about it. It affects their physical, psychological, and mental well-being because they feel inadequate if they cannot perform to the expectation of their sexual partners. Fortunately, there is an effective remedy for this condition.

What is Silagra?

great erectionSilagra is an ED drug manufactured by Cipla, a leading Indian pharmaceutical company worth over $7.7 billion in market capitalization. The firm has its headquarters in four countries namely India, Belgium, Britain, and the United States. Therefore, its products meet the standards set by different jurisdictions in addition to reflecting the needs of a global audience.

Cipla decided to manufacture Silagra as a budget-friendly but highly effective alternative to the popular ED drugs that exist today. The company recognized that at least 40% of men worldwide have suffered from ED at some point in their lives yet pharmaceutical firms are often producing expensive products that may be outside some men’s income. Silagra allows ordinary men even with small income to enhance their sexual performance since the drug is relatively cheap compared to its rivals.

The ingredients in Silagra

The most common symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability to have or maintain an erection. Therefore, a good ED drug has to help you do both of these things or just the one that you might have difficulty with.

To help you have or maintain an erection, Silagra contains sildenafil citrate to block the function of an enzyme known as PDE5. This enzyme inhibits the flow of blood to the penis, which is necessary for one to have an erection. It also allows blood to flow away from the penile area with ease. By blocking PDE5 function, sildenafil ensures that you get an erection and sustain it for as long as it is necessary for you to complete sexual intercourse of full value.

It is important to note that the FDA has approved of this ingredient and as such, it is safe for you to use.

How you can use Silagra

This drug is an oral medication as is the case with most drugs treating erectile dysfunction. It comes in the form of tablets that you are recommended to take with a full glass of water. You can choose between a 50mg and a 100mg tablet.

You should only take this drug when you are intending to have sex. You have to do so about 30 minutes before the expected intercourse. You should also note that different people react to this medication differently so do not worry if the effects are not immediate.female sexual satisfaction

One should take just one tablet of Silagra on any given day. Remember, Silagra is a powerful medical drug that you should not abuse because doing so may have devastating effects on your health.

Where you can purchase Silagra

An additional beneficial thing about this drug is that you can purchase it online. This purchasing method allows you to be discreet about your sexual affairs so that no one knows about it. Buying Silagra online also means that it becomes even cheaper for you as opposed to going to a local pharmacy.

However, it is important to note that Silagra should be looked upon as a prescription medication. You should not use it without advice from your doctor. Remember, it is a powerful drug so it may interfere with your current medical condition, if you have one, or the medication you are taking for it.

Sex is a biological and psychological need that humans cannot – and should not – escape. It is also a means of bonding between men and women that is both passionate and pleasurable. People should not shy away from taking the appropriate steps to make sure that their sex life is as fulfilling as they would like it to be. Silagra can definitely help you in this endeavor. The drug is a scientific means of dealing with erectile dysfunction that proved to be very effective.