Penis Fractures Are Real, Particularly in Some Popular Positions

It isn’t uncommon for men to be afraid of breaking their penis. Surprisingly enough, they do have a point, even if most doctors would quickly state otherwise.

So yes, penile fractures do happen, and while they may be rare occurrences, some sex positions pose a higher risk for the male organ than others.

According to a study published by the International Journal of Impotence Research, the most likely way for a man to break his penis while having sex is penetrating a woman from behind — the position colloquially known as ‘doggy style’. ‘Missionary’ and ‘woman on top’ are the other two positions mentioned by the study, which makes it look like men usually break their penises having sex in the most traditional and popular positions.

the most dangerous sex positions The research looked at data from 90 patients whose ages ranged between 18 and 66 years old and who had fractured their penises. Seventy seven percent of the cases were found to have occurred during sexual intercourse. When the researchers looked at the positions the men were in when they sustained their injuries, it was found that 44% of them — an overwhelming majority — had been in a ‘doggy style’. These fractures also tended to be the most serious, though the difference in severity was more notable when compared to the position ‘woman on top’.

Penile fractures aren’t exactly like bone fractures. They only tend to occur during sex because the penis becomes rigid during an erection. When too much exertion is placed on an erect penis, it may result in swelling, blood blockages and pain, which is what doctors refer to as penile fracture.

Disturbingly enough, it is also possible that the penis makes popping or cracking sounds as it breaks, which is definitely a reason good enough to seek medical treatment.

One previous study had actually claimed ‘woman on top’ to be the riskiest position for the male anatomy. What makes ‘doggy style’ dangerous, however, is the fact that neither participant actually has full control, as going in from behind means the man has to rely heavily on feeling. If he is overexcited, sex can become very vigorous and he may lose the full control of his movements.

There are unfortunately very few ways to avoid the risk. One of them would be to actually try and remain in control of the activities, even when excited. The other would be to become inventive and try some new sex positions which may not only lessen the risk of injury but also spice up your sex life.