A Few Facts on Nutritious Foods

Many people hear about nutritious food without understanding the positive impact this food can have on their health. If they did, then most of them would not opt for fast foods that are quite unhealthy. Currently, about 30% of the entire human population is obese or overweight. In 2010 alone, more than 3 million people worldwide died because of obesity-related illnesses. It means that obesity is a much more serious problem than road accidents that killed 1.25 million people worldwide in 2013.

Here are a few facts on healthy nutritious foods that can help you understand the importance of such foods in human life.

Vegetables are an important source of vitamins and complex carbohydrates

As a rule, people love sugary foods and as such they often avoid vegetables because they are not rich in sugar. However, most people are unaware of the specific nutrients contained in particular vegetables. For example, spinach has folic acid, vitamin K, and iron. It is also rich in phytochemical lutein, vitamin C, and antioxidants.nutritious food vs junk food

Cabbages can boost your immune system. Cauliflower contains phytonutrients that fight off cancer. Another vegetable i.e. broccoli is rich in calcium and fiber.

These are foods that can help you feel satisfied and at the same time prevent you from overeating. More importantly, vegetables can give you the kind of nutrients you need to fight off various diseases afflicting man in the contemporary society including cancer.

Fruits are wondrous foods that you should eat regularly

If you love sweet tasty foods, then you will love fruits. They come in all varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can eat them continuously without ever worrying about growing fat. They also have a variety of tastes including sweet, bitter, and sour so you can pick any variety that pleases you most.

More importantly, fruits are very rich in vitamins that are essential for our health. For example, grapefruits contain Vitamin C, potassium and folic acid. They also have pectin, which is a fiber that would help you fight off atherosclerosis. Grapefruits can also help you prevent oxidative damage to your arterial walls because they contain lycopene, which is critical when it comes to preventing such damage.

An adequate amount of clean water is critical to your health

Many nutrition experts recommend that one should drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Doing so allows your body to keep the perfect balance between the water it is losing through normal processes such as sweating or urination and the water it is taking in through drinking.

Water serves five essential functions in your body namely promoting cell life, facilitating metabolic reactions, and transportation of nutrients. The other two are regulating body temperature and eliminating wastes from your body.

You should always remember that without a sufficient amount of water, your body ceases to function properly.