Erectile Dysfunction and its Treatment in Men in Different Times

Sexual desire is one of the most powerful motivators, because sexual pleasure is so great, not to mention the importance of reproduction. However, erectile dysfunction can cause a true disaster, as ascetic life is not very popular nowadays. At the same time, this problem is to intimate and sensitive to be easily discussed, forcing men to try finding the solution on their own. What causes erectile dysfunction and what treatments for it are the most effective?

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

There are several common reasons for ED:

Erectile dysfunctionOne of the most common reasons for ED is stress. Sexual intercourse is best performed when both partners are healthy, emotionally stable and feel secure with their lives. Therefore, if you are thinking about your debt, you are hungry or lost a job today; if you are sick for a long time or even if you are frustrated with recent news – you may experience erectile dysfunction.

There also is a saying: "Good laugh kills good sex". This does not mean that you should have intercourse with grim smiles (quite contrary, giggles and some dose of loving laugh are recommended) – yet concentrating on sexual play would be best. Tickles can ruin your sexual experience for good.

What is the worst about it is that first event of ED may cause huge results, destroy your self-esteem and weaken confidence in your capabilities both in you and partner. Therefore, first case of ED should not be ignored and taking action to prevent it from repeating would be your best course of action.

It is worth mentioning that satisfactory sex is also possible and quite often used to relieve stress from losing a close friend or relative, after escaping from life-threatening situation or to celebrate an important event in your life. However, high levels of adrenaline or endorphin in blood significantly lower the chance of ED occurring. Reasons for that will be explained below.

Sexual action causes your body to produce adrenalin and endorphin hormones. This results in widening blood vessels, spending extended amounts of energy by boosting your digestion or dissolving fat deposits (did you notice being hungry after sex?), lowering levels of sugar and fat in blood. Therefore, if you already have higher levels of adrenalin and endorphin in blood, it helps a successful sexual action.

endorphinTreatments for ED

Throughout the ages people worldwide were seeking for treatment of ED. Africans chewed Yohimbe bark, Asians used ginseng as a daily food component, Europeans used various herbal essences. One feature that unites all of these treatments – they boost adrenalin and endorphin production.

Modern pharmaceutical industry created powerful treatments that combine many natural and chemical components to grant a stable and lasting effect. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a huge variety of other medications are commonly available and can be easily purchased online.

Choose the treatment for ED fitting you best and enjoy a colorful and pleasant life!