Tackling Depression with Natural Remedies

Depression is a major health problem that affects many people in our society. To treat the condition, people often use drugs – so-called antidepressants. But there are important questions we fail to ask ourselves. Is it the best way to deal with depression? Shall I continue taking these medications for life with their side effects affecting me on daily basis? What about alternative, more natural remedies?

First of all, depression is a serious medical condition that involves a persistent feeling of loneliness, helplessness, isolation and despondency which can be brought up by many causes. Severe and/or prolonged cases of depression should necessarily be treated with the help of professional therapists. This article, though, will help you understand some natural, non-medicated remedies for depression.


Psychotherapy is likely to bring positive results as it tends to use the bottom-up approach. This is a method that focuses on the root cause of depression. By identifying the root cause, it’s much easier to manage the condition. The underlying factor leading to depression could be a breakup with the life partner, death of a loved one, post-traumatic stress syndrome and many more.

When the real cause is identified, the depressed person is taught how to cope with the stressor, which eventually eliminates the depression.

Be Adventurous

When depressed, most people stay indoors, which worsens the condition even farther. Stop staying indoors and get up. Go outside and see the environment, or go visit some place. Adventure enables your mind to get distracted from depressing thoughts.


tackling depression without drugsDespite feeling demotivated to work out, try your very best to at least do some exercises. Go to the gym, ride a bicycle, take a walk or put on your sports shoes and run. Physical activities will relieve your mind.

Also, performing exercises enables your body's endocrine organs to release hormones that make us more cheerful. Endorphins – commonly referred to as happy hormones – they naturally make us feel more energized and happy.

Natural Essential Oils

These oils include Bergamot, Lemon, Chamomile and Lavender among others and are all used to relieve symptoms of depression. They are habitually either inhaled or rubbed into the skin. Essential oils promote mental health and relaxation and reduce mood swings. They offer positive support which is very beneficial to depressed persons.


In recent years, several studies have proved the various mental health benefits of meditation. When it comes to depression, the practice assists in improving concentration and reducing stress. Meditation helps you to focus on positive things thus eliminating depressive thoughts.