The History Of Levitra Through The Years Of Helping Men With ED

Levitra Bayer It is tough to cope with erection problems. Thousands of men all around the world are trying to figure out the best way to deal with erectile dysfunction. However, it is important to take note that there are medications that can help them enhance their sexual prowess. One drug that can effectively help men with ED is Levitra. Levitra has been around for years now and it has helped many men who are suffering from erection problems.

It is also essential to know how Levitra was created. In 2005, manufacturers Bayer Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and Schering-Plough introduced Vardenafil in the market under the brand name Levitra. The legal rights of GlaxoSmithKline was returned in favor of Bayer, for the marketing to push through in foreign lands.

How Levitra Was Created?

In order to challenge the already stabilized Viagra, the manufacturer researched more about the PDE5 inhibitor. Bayer, in particular, conducted a series of tests for this substance to challenge Viagra in the market. They likewise want to have a fair share of the wealth that Pfizer is having because of Viagra. One of the advantages of Levitra is that users will not worry about the food they eat.

fda levitra viagra cials After the success of the clinical trials, Bayer has launched Levitra in the market, as approved by the FDA. Levitra is available in several volumes of dosages, such as 2.5mg, 5mg 10mg and 20mg. This medication can be taken with or without any food intake. Levitra’s primary mode of action is to enhance the flow of the blood to the penis, which facilitates erection for hours. Like Viagra, Levitra has an effect of about four hours, and it also has similar side effects.

Another good thing about taking Levitra is that it can lessen the chance of having a premature ejaculation. This feature cannot be found when a guy uses Viagra or other drugs containing sildenafil citrate. However, keep in mind that Levitra must not be taken simultaneously with nitrates. It might result in life-altering low blood pressure.

Should You Take Levitra?

Levitra is 100% safe and guaranteed to work for every man. It is effective, but if you plan to take it, you have to consult your physician first. This is important for you to know the right dosage of Levitra and how it can help you in terms of your sexual capacity. Levitra is one of the most efficient treatment for impotence and erectile dysfunction among men.