Latest Research in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread condition, resulting in impossibility to maintain a stable erection during sexual intercourse. Modern medical science thrives to develop efficient treatment for ED and significant success is already achieved, yet much more is to come. We will describe latest successful treatments in this article.

It can happen to any man regardless of age. It is caused by a huge variety of reasons and should be treated timely to prevent prolonged period of worsening overall quality of life and wellbeing. ED is not life-threatening, yet it definitely makes life much less interesting and bright.

Effective ED Treatment

Sildenafil citrate formulaOne of the most significant breakthroughs in developing a reliable treatment for ED was the discovery of Sildenafil citrate, commonly known as Viagra brand. It is PDE-5 inhibitor, which slows down the production of specific enzyme, responsible for shortening smooth muscles. Smooth muscles are present only in heart blood vessels and in penis porous tissues.

Therefore using Sildenafil-based medication forces your heart to pump more blood and your penis to hold it for longer. This greatly eases receiving the stable erection and prolongs the term of maintaining it under sexual agitation. Sildenafil-based medications are also used to treat cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, making Viagra and other Sildenafil medicines one of the best possible choices for ED treatment.

However, each coin has two sides and Viagra is no different. As this drug is quite potent, it may interact with other drugs, resulting in various Viagra side effects. Some of these (like itching, rash, flushing face, increased sweating, etc.) can be unpleasant but generally harmless. However, more severe conditions (increased or irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, nosebleed, abdominal and chest pains, etc.) may be much more disturbing. Sildenafil medications are prohibited to use at all in certain cases. We strongly recommend consulting with a doctor before taking Viagra.

Improving the formula is on the way

phen375After collecting massive amount of feedback and results of clinical testing, Sildenafil manufacturers were able to design a new generation of Sildenafil-based drugs. These medications hold lesser dose of acting component with improved formula and cause less powerful side effects – or allow avoiding these for good. Phen375 and other medications introduced recently show significant decrease in overall quantity of side effects, while retaining the ability to improve sexual capabilities of a man.

Another way of solving this issue is using the millennia-long experience of natural treatments for ED with modern science. Containing Ginseng and Yohimbe extracts, using ferments from tropical fruits and flowers, combining these components with latest research of pharmaceutical science – these ED treatments can be the solution you are looking for.

The most convenient fact is that most of these medications do not require prescription and can be easily purchased online to avoid disclosing your intimate secrets to local pharmacy. This also results in much lower price, as medications are delivered directly from manufacturer to consumer, avoiding expenses on storage and reselling price from drug stores.

Make your choice today and start living a happy life tomorrow!