The Dangers Acidic Foods May Pose to Your Health

Being at the mid (golden mean) is always safe since either of the extremes may lead to severe consequences. And that’s even more so when it comes to nutrition. Too much of some food – which can do only good to your health when consumed in moderation – can turn into a slow poison for your body.

Quite often, people don't care for their health the way they should, and as health experts claim, one of the most crucial things that people tend to fail to realize about their well-being is the pH of their body and the effects that changes in the acidity of the body may It’s true that most people in the contemporary society are more concerned about health nowadays; however, they often forget the fact that the food they eat plays an essential role in both physical and mental health. Also, a lot of people put more emphasis on supplements and workouts at the expense of a natural, well-balanced diet.

Did you know that taking highly acidic foods alters the pH of your body and could make you suffer from many health complications? In case you don’t know it, the optimum pH that your body performs best is 7.0 and any change in this pH may have adverse effects on you health.

The ways highly acidic foods might harm your body

The first thing you should know is that your liver and the kidneys suffer the most when you take too much acidic food? Excessive consumption of acidic foods leads to lowering your body’s pH, which may promote the following complications:

- Low levels of the body's pH could lead to kidney stones, inflammations, ulcers or even cancer. Since acidic foods change the pH, it is undoubtedly clear that by taking a lot of such food, you put your body organs at higher risks.

- There is evidence that acidic foods contribute to the development of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's and dementia, neurological conditions which damage your nervous system. As a result, you’ll experience body balance problems, memory loss, and diminished mental clarity.

- Chest pains, a cough, breathing difficulties, and fatigue could also be a result of consuming a lot of acidic foods. It results in the formation of mucus in your lungs characterized by the above issues. Sour taste in your mouth is also a secondary characteristic of a low pH caused by highly acidic foods.

- Acidic foods may lead to the formation of acidic plaque in your blood vessels. Thus eating acidic foods is directly linked to heart complications and cardiovascular diseases.

- Eczema, a condition which often comes hand in hand with chronic acidosis, can also be a result of consuming too much acidic food.