Women's Unusual Erogenous Zones

While there are several obvious erogenous zones in a woman's body, there are several other hidden erogenous zones that we only notice when they are touched or kissed (because of the pleasure that results). This article is about to unearth some of the most unusual and forgotten ones.

1. The scalp

You probably like that moment when your hair stylist gentle massages your head, say, when shampooing. The reason this happens is that the scalp has numerous nerve endings that, when gently rubbed, result in a pleasurable feeling. A scalp massage triggers the cuddle hormone oxytocin that calms your body and increases blood flow and this, in turn, increases arousal.Man kissing, teasing woman over coffee

2. The back of the knees

This is one of the most sensitive, but again most ignored parts of a woman’s body. In fact, you will notice you can also feel ticklish when this part is gently rubbed. Ask your partner to try circular gentle massages on the back of the knees to activate the nerves there. You can use lotion or oil while on it.

According to a New York sex expert, Ian Kerner, PH.D., the area around the kneecap and the area behind the knees are major erogenous zones. A little nibbling of this part is very pleasurable.

3. The belly button

If you are a woman, you might have noticed putting a finger in your belly button can cause some sensation in your clitoris, like you are being tickled. Ian Kerner explains that this is due to the fact that the clitoris and the belly button grow from the same tissue. Therefore, they have neurological connections. Licking the belly button can result in this pleasurable sensation and high arousal.

4. The feet, especially the toes

Getting a foot massage from your man can spark sexual arousal. The toes are especially the main sweet spot here. Biology explains that a woman's toes and her vagina have some real link, and this is the reason the toes reflexively curl when she reaches climax (you have probably heard of the “toe-curling orgasm”).

According to a New York sex coach, Amy Levine, softly pinching the sides of a woman’s big toes and rolling them between your fingers can trigger sexual arousal and even lead to an orgasm.

5. The Mons

This is the area just above the genitals, where pubic hair grows. Dr. Michael Krychman, MD, a medical director of Sexual Medicine, explains that gently touching and caressing the Mons can be very pleasurable and exciting for a woman. Most men often tend to pay too much attention to the clitoris and forget this part that also has numerous nerve endings waiting for stimulation.

6. The small of the back

This area is particularly pleasurable when massaged because it is the location of several sacral nerves which shoot right into a woman’s vagina. Kissing this area or just caressing it can even spark an orgasm in some women.

Other unusual erogenous zones in women include the lower abs, the nose, palms, and the nape of the neck.